20 Christmas Presents Ideas in Melbourne for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Looking for ideas on the things to give our elderlies this Christmas season? This article can provide present ideas that you can give your loved ones for the Yuletide season!

by Emma Hall

Are you looking for Christmas present ideas for the elderly loved ones in your life? Choosing presents for elderly loved ones can be tricky if you’re not sure what they might like or what they need. We have compiled a list of Christmas present ideas for your elderly loved ones so you can buy the perfect presents this festive season! 

Massage Pillow

massage pillow

Source: Myer | Website 

Massage pillows are the easy way to receive a soothing and relaxing massage from the comfort of home. Especially if your elderly loved one finds it difficult to get out and about to visit a professional masseuse, this massage pillow offers a great alternative. 

A massage pillow works by providing a kneading sensation and vibrations through the pillow. It can be placed under the back, shoulders and neck when the user is lying on the couch or in bed. The pillow contains massaging nodes that move in a circular motion, just like a real massage. Plus, some models feature heat functionality to further sooth sore and stiff muscles.

Purchase the Shiatsu Select Massage Pillow with Heat in Black from Myer (in store or online). 

Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle


Source: Puzzle Palace Australia | Website 

Jigsaw puzzles are fun at any age, but they are great for elderlies because they are a gentle and slow activity that is mentally stimulating. Jigsaws can be great for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s and can provide a soothing indoor hobby.

Sometimes, elderly people can struggle with jigsaws that have lots of small pieces. This is especially true for people with Parkinson’s, arthritis, and other conditions that affect movement, as picking up small objects can be challenging. Large format jigsaws are a great option that make it easier for elderlies to participate.

Purchase Gibons XL Piece Puzzles online at Puzzle Palace Australia. 

Dressing Gown

A soft and comfortable dressing gown is the perfect wardrobe staple for elderlies. If they’re feeling unwell or just having a relaxed day, they can wrap themselves in this luxurious gown and feel completely at ease. Perfect for before bed, before and after bathing, and more. This special towelling gown can even be personalised to make them feel extra special! 

Purchase the Luxe Towelling Gown from Peter Alexander (in store or online). 

Comfortable Walking Shoes

walking shoes

Source: Ziera Disco | Website 

Later in life, it’s more important than ever to take care of your feet and protect yourself against trips and falls. Spoil your loved one with some sturdy walking shoes that make them feel stylish as well as comfortable. Walking shoes are a must-have for exercise, doctors’ appointments, shopping trips and more.

Purchase the Ziera Disco shoes from Mountfords (in store and online).

Medicine Organiser

Help your loved one stay organised and healthy with an easy-to-use medicine planner. These simple boxes allow carers and loved ones to distribute medication on the days and times it needs to be taken, making it much easier for elderlies to use and ensuring all pills are taken on time.

Purchase the Four-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner from Priceline (in store or online).

Robot Vacuum

Keeping the house clean can become difficult for elderlies. Even if they are receiving help at home, they could always use with a bit of extra assistance. A robotic vacuum cleans multiple floor surfaces without your loved one needing to lift a finger, with no bending over or strain on their body. 

Purchase the Eufy RoboVac35c Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum from JB Hi-Fi (in store or online). 

Grandparent Candle

grandparent candle

Source: Homing Instincts | Website 

If you’re looking for a present to show your grandparent how special they are, try this ‘Grandparent’ candle. The label lists some of the best things about grandparents and is sure to put a smile on their face. Plus, it has a beautiful scent and is made with eco-friendly essential oils.

 Purchase Commonfolk Collective’s Grandparent candle from Homing Instincts in Melbourne.

Tai Chi Lessons

Tai Chi is a Chinese practice that promotes health, movement and mental alertness. It has many benefits, including improving flexibility, agility and mood. 

Beginners’ classes run through Tai Chi Australia offer introductory lessons to learn more about Tai Chi and experience it for the first time. You can sign up for a ten-week term, with no obligation to attend.

Purchase Tai Chi Beginners Classes for locations around Melbourne.

Body Lotions

body lotion

Source: The Body Shop | Website 

As we get older, our skin can become dry and more fragile. Allow your elderly loved ones to indulge in some at-home pampering with nourishing body creams and lotions. Not only does it feel nice to have smooth and moisturised skin – it can also prevent skin breakage which leads to infection. 

The Body Shop sells all sorts of body lotions and butters in a range of scents for men and women. They are also dermatologically tested and made with natural origin ingredients.

Purchase Shea Body Butter from the Body Shop (in store and online). 

Digital Photo Frame

digital photo frame

Source: The Good Guys | Website 

The elderlies in our lives have decades worth of memories and happy times to reminisce on. Digital photo frames allow you to load multiple photos and display them on a loop, so you can constantly have your favourite pictures in your home. Your elderly loved ones will be thrilled to receive a frame already prepared with photos of family gatherings, birthdays, memorable moments and more. 

Purchase the Qpix 10 inch Digital LED Photo Frame from the Good Guys (in store and online).

Watering Can

watering can

Source: Bunnings Warehouse | Website 

For avid gardeners and keen green thumbs, a stylish and durable watering can makes a fantastic present! Watering cans with a smaller capacity (less than two litres) are ideal, as they are not too heavy and will be easy for your elderly loved one to carry. These small watering cans can be filled up at the kitchen tap, preventing the need for elderlies to bend down to use the garden hose. They can also be kept indoors or outdoors, so no matter where their garden grows, they can keep their plants well hydrated!

Purchase a Holman 1.8L Copper Finish Water Can from Bunnings Warehouse (in store or online). 


Does your elderly loved one love a cup of tea? Perhaps sharing a cup is part of the way you spend time together, or making tea is a morning ritual for them? Tea is a calming and healthy beverage that is enjoyed by all sorts of people and beautiful teas make a lovely Christmas present.

If you think your loved one would enjoy trying some new blends in the new year, why not treat them to a special present pack of different types of tea. 

Purchase the A Year in Tea Collection from T2 (in store or online).

House Plant

house plant

Source: Dianco’s Garden | Website 

Did you know that house plants not only look lovely inside the home – they also promote health and wellbeing! Indoor plants help to purify the air inside the home, and the presence of plants has been proven to boost mood and reduce stress levels.

A house plant is a fantastic present for anyone and will be especially cherished by your elderly loved one. Choose a hardy plant that is easy to look after and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Monstera plants only require occasional watering and flourish in most indoor environments.

Purchase a Monstera Mini plant from Diaco’s Garden Nursey at four locations around Melbourne.

Music Player

music speaker

Source: JB Hi-Fi | Website 

Music can have an almost magical effect – it can boost our mood, improve our outlook, and get us up and moving when nothing else can! Why not give your elderly loved ones the present of their favourite songs playing in their home?

As technology changes, some elderly Australians find themselves confused by modern music options and can’t listen to their old tapes and CDs anymore. A great present is to set them up with modern speakers that are easy to use and connect to a pre-made playlist of their classic favourite singers and songs. Simply make a collection of songs on a music device and pair it with the speakers so that all your loved one needs to do is turn it on and enjoy.

Purchase Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from JB Hi-Fi (in store or online).

Activity Table

activity table

Source: Mobility Aid Australia | Website

Elderlies who are losing their ability to move freely around the home need a bit of help to continue doing their favourite things. From puzzles and card games to enjoying a meal, an activity table allows them to easily bring their tasks to them. Activity tables come fitted with wheels so they can be smoothly moved around the home and used anywhere, any time. They also make life easier for any carers your loved one has to assist them at home.

Purchase the Oscar Activity Table from Mobility Aid Australia’s website.

Air Purifier

air purifier

Source: The Good Guys | Website 

If your elderly loved one suffers from breathing difficulties or respiratory issues, an air purifier is the perfect present. Air purifiers remove particles from the air and provide clean and sanitised air inside the home. Polluted air can exacerbate allergies, asthma and lung conditions, as well as negatively impact our overall health. The elderly person in your life will love an easy-to-use air purifier that will make their home an oasis of clean and healthy air.

Purchase the Breville The Air Rounder Connect from the Good Guys (in store and online).

Knitting Bag

knitting bag

Source: Lincraft | Website 

Knitting is a fun activity that can be done by people at any age. It’s the perfect hobby for elderlies because it helps to keep the brain sharp by using the hands and the mind at once. It improves hand-eye coordination, maintains fine motor skills, and improves people’s grip and the strength in their hands. Knitting is also a calming activity that prevent boredom and promotes social activity.

A knitting bag is a fantastic present for someone looking to keep all their yarn in order. The fun designs from Lincraft allow your loved one to carry their knitting gear in style and easily see everything inside.

Purchase the Urban Jungle Knitting Bag from Lincraft (in store or online).

Grip Tool

grip tool

Source: Mobility Aid Australia | Website 

If your elderly loved one has begun to struggle to pick things up and reach things that are further away, a handy grip tool will make life much easier. These tools allow elderlies to pick up objects without needing to stretch, bend over or reach up high. They use a squeeze lever that is easy to use for people who have lost strength in their hands or who don’t have the same level of coordination that they used to. 

Buying a grip tool helps your elderly loved ones to keep their independence and keep doing the things they love in their own home for longer.

Purchase the Grabbit Reaching Aid from Mobility Aid Australia’s website.

Photo Album

photo album

Source: David Jones | Website 

Elderlies love to reminisce and reflect on the past. This is especially true if your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. For these people, the past feels more recent and real than what is going on at the moment. If this is true for your loved one, buying them a beautiful photo album for Christmas is a lovely present to help them remember the happy days of their youth. Fill it with photos from their past and ask them to tell you the stories behind each moment. You will be rewarded by a fulfilling and interesting conversation.

Purchase the Havana Photo Album from David Jones (in store or online).

Movie Streaming Subscription

Does your elderly loved ones love the movies? Many elderlies enjoy trips to the cinema to see their favourite films, but this can become tricky as they age and mobility becomes more difficult. Instead, why not bring all their favourite old movies and the best new releases to them? 

Streaming services allow you to connect your regular home television to almost any movie in the world. You can buy them a yearly subscription and show them how to navigate the service so they can watch as many movies as they like, from classics to the same ones that are currently in the cinema. It’s a great present for film buffs and elderlies looking for some nostalgia.

Purchase Netflix online.

Thoughtful present ideas for your elderly loved ones this Christmas

Beyond presents, getting the right home care or domestic assistance services for your loved ones can really help with improving their quality of life. As the holiday season draws near, we hope you have been inspired to find the perfect present for your elderly loved ones this Christmas!

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