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Personalised Care Improves Quality of Life for Seniors with Dementia

Finding the right care support is key in improving quality of life. Read about the story of Homage dementia-trained support worker Amanda and her charge, Mrs Roberts.

by Team Homage

Living with dementia

Dementia can be a particularly debilitating condition. With the onset of confusion, memory loss and increased caregiving needs, the progression of dementia can prove to be a stressful time for both support worker and care recipient. Getting the necessary care and support is therefore a very important step in the ensuring an empowering and dignified care journey for you and your loved ones.

The story of Homage Care Professional Amanda* and Mrs Roberts*, a senior with dementia who she cares for every week, is testament to the improvements in quality of life with the right support worker. When you look at the relationship between the two today, you’ll never believe they were practically at loggerheads the first time they met!

*Names changed to protect the privacy of Homage support workers and clients.

Amanda is a dementia-trained care professional from Homage – a home-based care solution provider that connects qualified nurses and care professionals to those with caregiving needs. Read on to discover her journey from support worker to friendship with Mrs Roberts.

Finding the right dementia support worker for your loved one

At Homage, you can access care services for your loved ones with the touch of a button. Our care professionals go through extensive training, and are equipped to care for people diagnosed with different conditions.

People living with dementia are often resistant to change. When it comes to caregiving, it is important to get a care professional with the right experience and expertise.

Homage provides holistic, professional care for persons with dementia with a wide range of services. To learn more, schedule a free consult with our Care Advisory team by clicking the button below.

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The story of Amanda and Mrs Roberts

The relationship between Amanda and Mrs Roberts first began with a Homage care visit. Mrs Roberts was diagnosed with dementia – a condition resulting in declining memory and cognitive abilities.

Dementia may affect a person’s ability to learn new things, which is why persons with dementia often prefer a consistent and established routine. The familiarity surrounding a routine can calm and reassure individuals living with dementia. Hence, families looking for additional support may find that it takes time for their loved ones with dementia to get acquainted with new faces and the new routines that come with them. 

This was exactly the case when Amanda first visited Mrs Roberts. She recalls bringing different activities and games to try and engage Mrs Roberts, but the latter was contented to just lie in bed and ignore Amanda completely.

“I brought so many activities to her home, hoping that at least one of them will catch her attention and interest her enough to engage with me, but week after week, she refused to budge from her bed,” said Amanda.

While Mrs Roberts’ initial response was discouraging, Amanda did not give up. She continued to visit Mrs Roberts, always arriving with a bright smile and a different activity for the day. Even when Mrs Roberts refused to leave her bed, Amanda would sit patiently by her bedside and engage in conversation, actively listening whenever Mrs Roberts responded.

As time went by, Mrs Roberts grew to be more familiar with Amanda and her weekly visits. With this new routine now established, Mrs Roberts gradually began to open up to Amanda. 

From support worker to friend

Through their weekly interactions, Amanda discovered Mrs Roberts’ love for arts and crafts. From then on, Amanda would surprise Mrs Roberts every week with a different craft activity. The activities made use of different art mediums to keep Mrs Roberts interested and entertained. To celebrate the festive season, Amanda and Mrs Roberts worked on a Christmas-themed table piece with reindeer and Santa Claus made from craft paper and cotton balls.

Besides being a fun activity, crafting has also benefitted Mrs Roberts mentally and physically. Mrs Roberts’ family also remarked on the visible improvement in her mood and condition. 

In her years of caring for persons with dementia, Amanda understands there is no one-size-fits-all solution for caregiving. Just like how individuals grow from acquaintances to friends, the same applies for persons with dementia. A good step, Amanda learnt from her dementia caregiving training, is to have a wholesome understanding of the individual – their personality, background and even the type of dementia. This small attention to detail can bring about a world of difference in the receptivity of the care recipient and in their journey towards ageing with dignity and grace. 

Quality Dementia Care At Every Stage

Homage provides dementia care support at every stage – from mild to advanced stage dementia, our care professionals are able to provide companionship, nursing care, night caregiving and home therapy, to keeping your loved one active and engaged.

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Caregiving is about using your senses

Caring for a loved one with dementia is no easy task. For family members, Amanda believes it pays to have more patience, perseverance and a dash of creativity. 

“Patience is key”, Amanda shares, “Everyone takes time to warm up to each other. Some may take longer than others, but we just have to be patient, ask the right questions, actively listen to what they have to say, and understand them as a unique individual and as a friend.”

With each new senior she meets and care for, the cycle repeats. Some seniors may be more open, while others take more time to warm up to a new face. There will be challenges while delivering care, but at the end of the day, the knowledge that she is making a positive impact on these seniors’ lives and placing a smile on their faces keeps her going.

Choosing the best dementia care for your loved one

Dementia is a complex condition. Caring for someone with dementia requires time, love, and spades of patience and experience. With a bit of help and experience from the right care professionals, you will be able to better cope with the caregiving duties dementia entail.

Homage has many dementia-trained support workers like Amanda. With a dementia-trained support worker, your loved one will be able to transition more smoothly into a new care routine, all while being empowered to continue living a fulfilling life.

To find out more about dementia care or other services available at Homage, simply contact us via the form below and our Care Advisory team will be happy to arrange a call-back at your earliest convenience.

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Homage can help with personal care and nursing car from just $55/hr with no additional management fees. For long-term care, Homage also provides care packages that can allow you to save up to 20% off.

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