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Need help to get the most out of your NDIS plan? Our support coordinators can work with you to maximise your funding with the activities you love, so that you can achieve your goals.

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The NDIS is complicated – let us help you navigate it

Managing your NDIS plan can be complex, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re unsure of what to do with your funding, our support coordinators are here to help you get the best out of your NDIS scheme. 

NDIS registered provider Homage

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordinators are NDIS experts who can help you navigate the system, connect with appropriate providers, and manage your resources effectively.

Think of them as your personal guide, helping you: 

  • Understand your plan: They break down complex NDIS lingo and explain your options clearly.
  • Find the perfect fit: They connect you with the right supports and services to achieve your goals.
  • Navigate the NDIS system: They handle the paperwork and communication, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

Unlock the full potential of your NDIS plan with Homage. Let our Support Coordinator help you take control and achieve your goals. 

What does a Support Coordinator do?

Our support coordinators will work with you to assess and understand your unique needs, goals, and preferences when creating your NDIS plan. 

  1. Resource Connection: We will help to connect you with the appropriate services and supports. This includes finding service providers that match your needs and preferences.
  2. Plan Utilisation: Support you in understanding and managing your NDIS plan, ensuring you are aware of your entitlements and how to utilise them effectively.
  3. Coordination and Collaboration: Work closely with various service providers, healthcare professionals, and other relevant parties to coordinate the services and supports outlined in your plan.
  4. Advocacy and Empowerment: Promoting your independence and advocating for your needs and interests when interacting with service providers.
  5. Monitoring and Reviewing: Regularly monitor the efficacy of the support plan and make adjustments as needed. This includes preparing for plan reviews and providing necessary feedback to the NDIS or other relevant bodies.
  6. Crisis Management: Offer assistance and guidance during emergencies or when immediate changes in the support plan are required.
  7. Administrative Duties: Handle relevant administrative tasks, such as documentation, compliance with NDIS guidelines, and maintaining records.

Types of Support Coordination

There are 3 levels of support coordination that can be funded for in your NDIS plan.

Homage provides all three levels of support coordination, as well as psychosocial recovery support. 

Level 1: Support connection

This is the most basic level of support coordination. It helps you understand the NDIS system and focuses on helping you choose the activities that best suit your needs. 

Level 2: Coordination of supports

Level 2 Support Coordination offers in-depth support for individuals with complex needs, focusing on plan implementation, support coordination, service provider assessment, administrative tasks, quality management, activity selection based on preferences, and effective schedule management.

Level 3: Specialist support coordination 

Level 3 Support Coordination is designed specifically for participants with significantly high and complex needs. Specialist support coordinators have knowledge and experience in complex service systems, therapeutic intervention, crisis management and more.

Why choose Homage for Support Coordination

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Personalised Matching Process

We understand your goals and preferences with a free phone consultation, and identify the most suitable support coordinator for you. A compulsory meet and greet is held for both parties to ensure that a right match occurs.

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Experienced Local Support Coordinators

All our support coordinators have at least two years of support coordination experiences, and from well versed backgrounds covering level 1 to level 3 of support coordination and psychosocial recovery. 

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Maximum Choice And Control

We make sure our support coordinators  provide you with a range of options for all your support requirements We will facilitate your decision making to utilise your NDIS plan in ways that best suit your goals.


Support Coordination is funded under the Capacity Building – Support Coordination section in your NDIS plan. 

Our Support Coordination pricing is in accordance with the NDIS Price Guidelines. Chat with our team to find out more. 

Can I change my suppport coordinator?

Yes! You are entitled to select a new support coordinator at your discretion. 

Prior to making a change, it is advisable to consult with your existing support coordinator in accordance with the stipulations of your service agreement. They are obligated to facilitate your search for an alternative provider. Alternatively, if you would like to switch support coordinators within Homage, you may reach out directly to our support coordinator manager. 

Before working with your new support coordinator, you must formally conclude your current service booking. Your existing support coordinator will provide necessary assistance in this matter.

Subsequently, you may arrange a new service booking with your chosen support coordinator, utilising any remaining funds allocated for support coordination. It is required that your former support coordinator prepares a detailed report for your new support coordinator, ensuring they possess all pertinent information. This report should also be furnished to the NDIA to guarantee the continuity of your services.

What does NDIS Support Coordination with Homage look like?

Meet & Plan

STEP 1. Have An Initial Phone Consultation with our Support Coordination Manager 

Fill up our form below, or drop us a call at 1300 705 029 to have an obligations-free chat with us. Our Support Coordinator Manager will assess your needs and match you with the most suitable Support Coordinator.


Monitor & Report

STEP 2. Meet Your Support Coordinator

Our Support Coordinator will reach out to you within 2 business days for an initial phone call and to set up a first meeting. During this, the support coordinator will explain to you the role of support coordinator, the role of yourself as a participant, discusses your NDIS plan, and identify your immediate needs and long-term goals to achieve together. 

Review NDIS Plan

STEP 3. Onboarding 

If you identify your support coordinator as a good fit for you, you will go through the official onboarding process which includes signing of the Support Coordination Service Agreement. 

STEP 4. Share Your Experience With Us!  

Our support coordination manager will check in with you in two to four weeks to ensure you are satisfied with your support coordinator. Should you prefer to change support coordinators, you may do so at any point. We are here to support your unique individual goals the best we can! 

Top questions about NDIS Support Coordination

Service FAQ

Why should I consider getting a support coordinator first?

Getting a support coordinator can save you time and effort when navigating your NDIS plan. They can simplify the process, help you get the most out of your funding, and empower you to achieve your goals.


Can you help me learn to manage my own plan?

We believe in building your capacity to manage your NDIS plan on your own if that is part of your goals. Let us know your goals and intentions and our support coordinator will be happy to help.

What if my plan doesn't include support coordination?

You can contact  Homage’s support coordination team at 1300 705 029. We’ll review your plan and explore options to provide you with the support you need.

What if you don't have a local support coordinator for me?

We currently have support coordinators in Melbourne, however, we can offer remote support for participants living in other states, should you find our support coordinators a right fit for you.  

Are Homage support coordinators independent?

Yes, our Support Coordinators are independent with our core service provision team and we ensure to always offer choice and control for all your unique support requirements. You are the final decision maker for all support arrangements.

We believe that it is important that our NDIS participants have access to a variety of support, so that they can make a choice that best suits their needs. 

What does NDIS cover?

The types of support that the NDIS may fund for participants include:

  • daily personal activities
  • support coordination 
  • transport to enable participation in community, social, economic and daily life activities
  • workplace help to allow a participant to successfully get or keep employment in the open or supported labour market
  • therapeutic supports including behaviour support
  • help with household tasks to allow the participant to maintain their home environment
  • help to a participant by skilled personnel in aids or equipment assessment, set up and training
  • home modification design and construction
  • mobility equipment, and
  • vehicle modifications

You can find the comprehensive list of supports on the NDIS page. If you are currently not funded for the support that you require, our support coordinators will be able to assist with your request/ plan review with the NDIS. 

Is Homage a Registered NDIS Provider?

Homage is a registered NDIS provider. We actively serve NDIS participants across, Self-managed, Plan-managed and NDIA-managed. We are bound by the NDIS Code of Conduct when providing support to NDIS participants.

What can NDIS Funds be used for?

The NDIS funds a range of supports for participants, such as daily personal activities, transportation, workplace assistance, therapeutic supports, household tasks, aids/equipment assessment, home modifications, mobility equipment, and vehicle modifications. For a detailed list of supports, visit the NDIS website.

How can I apply for NDIS?

You may apply for NDIS funding if you satisfy the eligibility criteria. Please follow the instructions on the NDIS website to submit your application. 

How can I engage Homage with my NDIS funding?

You can engage Homage for support coordination. You can contact our support coordination team at 1300 705 029 for us to understand your requirements and connect you with the suitable support coordinator.  

You can also engage Homage for support service (under core support).  You can give our care advisors a call at 130 705 029 to discuss your support requirement and arrange the services directly over the phone, via email or via the Homage mobile app. 

After the service delivery , we will issue the invoices to yourself, your plan manager or the NDIS depending on whether you are plan or NDIS-managed. 

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