Make the Most of Your Client’s Home Care Package

With hundreds of local support workers and nurses in our network, you can find a carer that best meets your client’s needs.

Support Your Clients

Empowering You to Support Your Clients Better

At Homage, we provide personalised services with seamless care management solutions so those you care for get the best support they need. 

An Easy Solution to Care Wherever They Need It

Get easy access to detailed assessments of your client’s living arrangements and summarised reports on their care when you engage home care services with Homage. 

Based on your client’s level of needs, we provide a range of home care services, including domestic assistance, dementia support, post-hospitalisation support and nursing procedures. Talk to us to discuss the right support for your client’s personalised care needs. 

Verified Support for Your Clients

Our large and diverse catalogue of verified independent support workers and nurses ensure we can appropriately meet your client’s care needs. All our support workers and nurses undergo rigorous screening and checks to ensure they are able to provide quality care safely. 

Our safeguards include:

  • Interview process for all our support workers and nurses 
  • Reference, background, vaccination and police checks 
  • Verification of certifications for support workers and nurses 

Partner with Homage to Support Your HCP Clients

Homage offers a wide range of services. From domestic assistance to simple and complex nursing procedures, our support workers and nurses are equipped to meet your client’s needs to the best of our ability.

How to Engage Homage as a Service Provider for Your HCP Clients

Step 1 – Have an obligation-free chat with a Care Advisor

Have a chat with one of our knowledgeable Care Advisors so we can understand your client’s needs and requirements. Call our hotline 1300 705 029 or complete the form.

Step 2 – Engage Homage as a Service Provider 

Send through your service provider agreement for Homage to sign and execute. We have a dedicated partnership team to address any compliance or service concerns you have. 

Meet & Plan

Step 3 – Commence sending referrals 

Once the agreement is signed, Homage can commence supporting your clients immediately with their care and support needs. You can manage all clients and ongoing visits through our Enterprise Web portal and you can contact our Care Advisor team for urgent needs at 1300 705 029.

On the day of the service booking, the Homage support worker or nurse will attend to your client’s caregiving needs at their home, facility or hospital. After the booking you will receive a visit summary report on the services conducted.

Monitor & Report

Step 4 – Invoice and Payment

Homage will issue weekly invoices to your internal Accounts Team for processing.

Support Your Clients by Partnering With Homage

Our Care Advisors have proven partnership experience facilitating the requirements of HCP Care/Case Managers. We help you manage your client’s needs by responding to urgent service requests quickly and efficiently. Talk to us today to understand how we can partner to support your participant on 1300 705 029.

Why Care Managers Are Choosing Homage as a Trusted Provider

Get the most value out of your client’s Home Care Package funding by choosing a provider with a wide range of services and personalised solutions to best suit your client’s needs. 

By partnering with Homage, you can be assured of the following benefits: 

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Prompt Communication

Urgent referrals will be responded on the same day, or within 48 hours for non-urgent requests.


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Successful Fulfilments for Urgent Home Visits

Services can be fulfilled within 48 hours, or as quick as 1 to 3 hours for urgent cases.


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Comprehensive Service Coverage

From 1-hour home visits to 24/7 overnight care, our services range from basic home care to complex nursing procedures.


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Qualified Care Professionals

Our Care Professionals go through rigorous background checks to ensure that they have the right qualifications for the job.


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Seamless Care Management

View and manage your bookings seamlessly with our care management tools.


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Detailed Care Reporting

Receive visit summary reports after every visit.

Partner With Us to Get the Best Care for Your Clients

Homage is committed to providing your clients with the best care experience. We work hard to bring you home care and support that is prompt, flexible, and 100% personalised to your client’s needs, all without ever having to compromise on the quality of care and support they will receive.

Our Care Advisors have proven partnership experience facilitating the requirements of HCP Care Managers. We support you to manage your clients’ needs by responding to urgent service requests quickly and efficiently. Talk to us today to understand how we can partner to support your clients on 1300 705 029.

Flexible Pricing Options for Your Clients

We offer flexible pay-as-you-go pricing to ensure your clients receive the care needed. View Pricing.

What our customers say

I love the detailed visit summary reports Homage provide for my clients after each and every visit, so I know how the visits went!

Shara, HCP Care Manager

Homage will notify me of any challenges happened during the shifts and I was able to follow up with my clients promptly where necessary.

Natasha, HCP Care Manager , Melbourne