Self-managing your Home Care Package

Be in control of the care you receive. When you self-manage your home care package, you can choose the type of services and assistance you need, and control who comes to your home. Get greater choice, control and better quality of care with services provided by Homage.

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Why self-manage your Home Care Package

Now that you’ve identified you need a little extra assistance for your day to day living, getting help doesn’t necessarily mean losing your independence or your freedom. You can still be 100% in charge of the care you need when you choose to self-manage your Home Care Package. 

By self-managing your home care package, you choose the support services you need, as well as who will be supporting you in your care journey. 

Develop meaningful and long-term personal connections with a support worker or nurse you can trust. While you manage the funds, Homage will provide the care services. We find the most suited carers to be part of your support team based on your preferences, so you have the best chance of getting the support you need.  

What is self-management

Australians receiving a government funded Home Care Package have the option to self-manage the Home Care Package. This means you choose how to use your funding to best meet your needs. This includes choosing your own home care provider, what services you need, and when to receive care or support. 

Take control of your care needs. At Homage, we support you to achieve your goals with the community you love, in the comfort of your own home. Homage are not a Home Care Package provider but can support you with top quality assistance to help you navigate your home care journey. 

Why Australians are choosing Homage for their self-managed Home Care Packages

Get the most value out of your Home Care Package funding by choosing a home provider with a wide range of services and personalised solutions. 

By partnering with Homage, you can be assured of the following benefits: 

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Prompt communication

Urgent referrals will be responded on the same day, or within 48 hours for non-urgent requests.


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Successful fulfilments for urgent home visits

Services can be fulfilled within 48 hours, or as quick as 1 to 3 hours for urgent cases.


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Comprehensive Service Coverage

From 1-hour home visits to 24/7 overnight care, our services range from basic home care to complex nursing procedures.


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Qualified Care Professionals

Our support workers and nurses go through rigorous background checks to ensure that they have the right qualifications for the job.


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Seamless Care Management

View and manage your bookings seamlessly with our care management tools.


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Detailed Care Reporting

Receive visit summary reports after every visit.

How self-management works

Step 1

Have an obligation-free chat with a Care Advisor Have a chat with one of our knowledgeable Care Advisors so we can understand your needs and requirements. Call our hotline 1300 705 029 or complete this form.

During this conversation you can check with the Care Advisor if you need an In-Person Care Assessment:  

When do I need an In-Person Care Assessment?   

If you’re not completely sure of your care needs, you can book an In-Person Care Assessment (IPCA) with one of our experienced nurses. This assessment provides a holistic assessment of the living environment to ensure it is safe and properly equipped for home care support. 

You can discuss utilising part of your HCP funding to purchase required nursing equipment or mobility aids, where applicable, with your registered provider 

Step 2 Arrange your first care visit When you’re ready to make a service booking, contact our Care Advisory team on 1300 705 029 or make a booking yourself via the Homage App.
Step 3 Be matched with a support worker or nurse that best suits your needs  Once you’ve made your service booking, our team will match your personal requirements with the most suited support worker or nurse to fulfil your care needs. You’ll receive a confirmation via email and in the Homage App for the booking.
Step 4 Care and assistance is provided when and where you need On the day of the service booking, your Homage support worker or nurse will attend to your caregiving needs at your place of residence - this can be at home, in a facility or in hospital. You can view the visit summary reports in the Homage App after the care/visit has been delivered.
Step 5 Your HCP provider is invoiced directly After the service is complete, Homage will issue the invoice directly to your HCP provider so you don't have to arrange any of the paperwork or payment.

How we support your needs

Homage offers a wide range of services. From domestic assistance and community access services to simple or complex nursing procedures, our support workers and nurses are equipped to meet your needs where you need them.

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Get the best care and support across greater Melbourne with Homage

Whether you’re living in the heart of metro Melbourne or in the suburbs,  receive quality home care with Homage anytime, anywhere. 

Getting started with Aged Care Support

Ready to manage your Home Care Package? Here’s how you can get started with your approved package: 

(Don’t yet have an approved Home Care Package yet? Read our guide to accessing your Home Care Package.) 

Step 1: Inform your current HCP provider that you prefer to self-manage your Home Care Package

If you currently have a HCP that is fully-managed by your registered  provider, check if you are able to self-manage your package and nominate a service provider that you prefer to receive services from.

Step 2: If self-management is not allowed, engage a new HCP provider

Research and compare the different government-approved providers that offer self-managed HCPs. It is important that the provider you ultimately choose is able to offer a wide range of home care services which is in your best interest, or if they dont have all the services you require, they should offer a self-managed option which allows you to engage an external service provider Thousands of families trust Homage to deliver the best care in their homes and you can be rest assured to be in safe hands with us.

Homage has an extensive Home Care Package provider network that offer both Self and Fully managed options. We can set you up with a provider suited to your preferred management option, and then you can commence directly arranging services with us utilising our wide network of support workers and nurses. 

Step 3: Get started

Once you have received approval from your package provider to self-manage your HCP, you can directly arrange care services with Homage. Our trained professionals are able to provide companionship, nursing care, night caregiving, home therapy and more, to keep your loved ones active and engaged. 

Contact 1300 705 029 or complete the form here for an obligation-free chat about how Homage can best meet your care and support needs today.

Self-manage your Home Care Package and nominate Homage as your service provider

Homage is committed to providing you the best care experience and the best possible outcomes from your Home Care Package. Beyond great pricing and low fees, experience exceptional service and care from our Care Professionals. 

We work hard to bring you home care and support that is prompt, flexible, and 100% personalised to your needs, all without ever having to compromise on the quality of care and support you receive. Talk to us for an obligation-free chat to learn more today!

Looking for Home Care Package support for your clients?

If you are a Home Care Package Manager looking for a home care provider for your client, we’re here to help!  Talk to us to find out how we can partner together to best support your client. 

Flexible pricing options

At Homage, our prices start from as low as AUD $55/hr. Choose from ad-hoc care to personalised pre-paid packages based on your needs.

Discuss pricing options

Personal Care

$ 55 /hour*

Nursing Procedures

$ 100 /hour*
*Terms and conditions apply

Frequently asked questions about Self-Managed Home Care Packages with Homage

Service FAQ

What does it mean to self-manage my Home Care Package and engage Homage as a service provider?

When you self-manage your Home Care Package, you are able to make the decision on how you would like to use your funds to support your care needs. This includes being able to choose your service provider, types of care and when you need the care. 

Is Homage an official Home Care Package provider?

Homage is not a registered Home Care Package provider, however, you can nominate Homage as your service provider via self-managing your HCP with your registered provider. 

Alternatively, you can connect Homage with your new registered provider so we can understand your care needs and funding available and arrange your care services by directly speaking with your Case manager. 

Can I still access Homage’s services if I am not eligible for Home Care Package?

Yes. You can access services through Homage and pay for the service privately. If you receive Home Care Package funding at a later stage, you can continue using Homage. Your Home Care Package funding will go towards payment for the services rendered. 

How can I engage Homage with my Home Care Package funding?

If you are self-managing your Home Care Package funds, you can inform your register provider that you would like to nominate Homage as your service provider. 

Alternatively, you can connect Homage with your new registered provider so we can understand your care needs and funding available and arrange your care services by directly speaking with your Case manager.

Is it expensive to hire a support worker?

The fees of hiring a support worker is quite reasonable. Usually, it can cost from AUD 50-80/hr to hire a support worker. If you have a Home Care Package, the cost will be fully funded by the package. 

How do I switch service providers?

If you are looking to switch from your current service provider to a provider that offers a self-managed option, you first need to check with your current service provider on the timeline and fees involved in switching. Then you need to inform the My Aged Care Team that you are making the switch. Contact My Aged Care at 1800 200 422, and write down the referral code given to you by My Aged Care to pass on to your new chosen provider. Then inform your new register provider that you would like to nominate Homage as your service provider.

Alternatively, you can connect Homage with your new registered provider so we can understand your care needs and funding available and arrange your care services by directly speaking with your Case/Care manager. 

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An efficient and convenient service

Extremely professional caregivers who have created a wonderful relationship with my mother. She always looks forward to CP Catherine and CP Christina's visits. The app is so easy to use as well and makes tracking our appointments and report follow-ups a breeze.

Friendly, professional, attentive caregivers

Awesome one stop portal for my mother's medical needs. A pool of Professional caregivers are great customer service support. Thanks Homage!

Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

Have an obligation free conversation with our Care Advisory team today and learn why thousands of families trust Homage to deliver the best care in their homes.

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